Learn a new language in 6 weeks!  This class is for the person who has always wanted to learn sign language.  Great class to take with a friend or family member so you can practice.  No discounts apply.  

Course #2353               Wednesday         NHS
7:00-8:00 PM                Starts 3/20/19     6 Classes
Maggie Cortese                                        Fee $125

Unlock the mysteries of La Langue Francaise!  In this fun and engaging beginning level class (little to no previous experience), we will learn proper pronunciation and basic, building block concepts of French grammar as well as everyday vocabulary, expressions and phrases via spoken games, drills and exercises.  Bring a notebook/writing instrument or laptop.  Limited to 8 students.  No discounts apply.

Course #2122                 Monday              NHS
6:00-7:00 PM                  Starts 3/25/19    6 Classes
Rachel Borne                                            Fee $125

Continuation of Beginner French I.  Review of building blocks of French language:  core auxiliary verbs, gender, subject/verb/adjective agreement, “er” verbs.  Further development of vocabulary with an emphasis on everyday, practical language, drills, games and role playing.  Emphasis on spoken language and practice of everyday situations.  Bring a notebook/writing instrument or laptop.  No discounts apply.

Course #2123                Monday              NHS
7:15-8:15 PM                 Starts 3/25/19    6 Classes
Rachel Borne                                           Fee $125


The instructor, a native speaker, will offer language skills for those people who have little or no prior exposure to the German language.  Students will learn how to communicate with simple questions an sentences.  Everyday German life will also be discussed in this class.  Students will be required to purchase the book “German In 10 Minutes A Day”.  No discounts apply.

Course #2452                Thursday              NHS
6:30-8:00 PM                  Starts 3/28/19      6 Classes
Ursula Michaelis                                          Fee $125