Chalk Painting

We will learn how to reuse, repurpose and create beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for your home from end tables to mirrors!  Chalk paint can be used on anything—no sanding or priming.  East and fun!  Bring your own piece to paint and “distress”.  Students will be required to purchase supplies and a list will be provided.  All pieces must be taken home at the end of each class.  A materials fee of $10 is payable to the instructor the first night of class.  Limit 12


Course #                1257       Tuesday                                NHS

6:30-8:30 PM       Starts 3/14/17      6 Classes

Ann Cote                                               Fee $99

Gesture Drawing

Would you like to sharpen your drawing skills?  Gesture drawings are a great first step to working towards a finish work since they are quick simple sketches that lay down information to suggest shapes, composition and movement.  Bring an Ebony pencil and a 14” x 17” pad of paper and be prepared to make a difference with your drawings!  Limited to 12 students.


Course #                1220       Tuesday                                NHS

7:00-9:00 PM       Starts 3/14/17      3 Classes

DeAnn Prosia                                       Fee $79


The Basics of Drawing

Drawing is an important skill for everyone.  Come and learn basic drawing skills while being guided through the fundamental steps and techniques needed to understand how to create a drawing.  Lessons will include exploring the use of shapes, lines, shading, creating texture and perspective.  No prior drawing experience is necessary.  Students who have experience and wish to review or improve skills are welcome.  


Course #                1449       Thursday               NHS

6:00-9:00 PM       Starts 3/23/17      6 Classes

Lisa Dawson                                         Fee $119


Take Better Pictures—By Understanding Composition

Are you tired of taking “nice” pictures?  Learn the basics of composition and put the “wow” back into your photos.  We will practice composition and creativity by taking photos that use these guidelines.  Bring your camera and manual to class.


Course #                1362       Wednesday           NHS

7:00-9:00 PM       Starts 4/5/17         1 Class

Linda Lubinsky                                   Fee $39


Take Better Pictures—By Knowing Your Camera

Are you wondering how the buttons on your camera can help you take better pictures?  We will explain what they do and how to use them and practice using the three main settings.  Bring your DSLR camera and manual to class.


Course #1163       Monday                                NHS

6:30-9:00 PM       Starts 3/27/17      2 Classes

Linda Lubinsky                                   Fee $59


Basic Watercolor Techniques

Come and explore the art of watercolor painting.  This course will include the basic techniques for using watercolor as an expressive and versatile way to paint.  Basic drawing/illustration techniques for artists will also be covered.  The class will include more advanced techniques for students who already know some of the basics.  Students will be required to purchase supplies and a list will be provided.  Alternatively, students can purchase a starter kit for $30.00 from the instructor.


Course #                1248       Tuesday                                NHS

6:00-9:00 p.m.     Starts 3/21/17      6 Classes

Lisa Dawson                                         Fee $129


Fused Glass Jewelery

Working in my home-based studio for this three-night class, you will learn how to use glass cutting tools and various fusing and finishing techniques while exploring the artistic side of the medium.  Use hand-cut or pre-cut pieces of glass to create your own dynamic pendants, cabochons, earrings, or components.  Great for beginner or returning students.  You can expect to complete at least three pieces.  There is a materials fee of $12.00 payable to the artist at the first class.  There will also be optional specialty glass and silver available for additional purchase from the instructor.  Prices will range from $1.50 to $25.00.  Please wear closed shoes and long pants.  (Not handicap accessible).  Limited to 8 students.


Course #1255       Tuesday               Classes are held at the Kelly  Makuch Studio, Newtown

 3 Classes: 

Class One              3/14/17        6:30-9:00 PM

Class Two             3/21/17        6:30-9:00 PM

Class Three           3/28/17        6:30-8:00 PM

Kelly Makuch                                      Fee $69