Calling all shapes and sizes!  Strengthen your core and sculpt your trunk, arms, and legs while learning the basics of Middle-Eastern belly dance!  Basic choreography along with Pop music and traditional Middle Eastern music will have you dancing away the calories.  Beautiful hip scarves and silk veils provided.  Wear work-out clothes and bring two 3-lb. weights (optional).


Course #8263    Tuesday                        NHS

6:30-7:30 PM    Starts 9/19/17    8 Classes

Suzanne Tartaglia                      Fee $89



Qigong, and later Tai Chi, were developed and refined over thousands of years with the exact purpose of mindful evolution of body, mind and spirit.  Experience and learn easy to follow  Qigong and Tai Chi movements and techniques so that you can develop your own practice for health and well being.  Prepare to be relaxed and rejuvenated!  Please wear comfortable clothing.


Session I

Course #           8275     Tuesday             Teen Ctr

6:30-7:30 PM    Starts 9/19/17     10 Classes

Kathleen Donahue                     Fee $129


Session II

Course #           8279     Tuesday                        Teen Ctr

6:30-7:30 PM    Starts 1/2/18     8 Classes

Kathleen Donahue                     Fee $104



Unwind from a stress-filled day with a relaxing evening of yoga.  Transform from tense and tight to mellow and limber.  This yoga practice is designed to lengthen and stretch breath.  Take your time and truly be in the moment…a peaceful moment!  Wear sweatpants and bring exercise/yoga mat.  Yoga strap and yoga block are optional.


Wednesday                              NHS

6:30-7:30 PM                6 or 12 Classes

Missy Gregson                         


Course #8348  12 Classes  Starts 9/20  $120

Course #8349    6 Classes  Starts 9/20  $69

Course #8350    6 Classes  Starts 11/1  $69



Learn the Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha and more!  Joe Williams and Noni Low have been dancing together for over 21 years and teaching ballroom dance for beginners to advanced for 15 years.  Their basic concept of ballroom dancing consists of having fun with easy to learn instructions.  Couples and singles welcome.


Thursday                                   SHS

7:00-8:00 PM                            4 Classes

Joe Williams and Nonni Low      

Fee $99/couple or $51/single


Session 1      Course #8441      Starts 9/28/17

Session 2      Course #8442      Starts 11/2/17



This session offers a variety of postures suitable for both beginner and experienced students.   Bring yoga mat and towel.  Yoga blocks optional.


Course # 8130   Monday               NHS

6:30-7:30 PM    Starts 9/18/17      10 Classes

Mark Delgobbo                          Fee $99



Get moving and kick your metabolism into high gear-fun-fun-fun and super cardio!!!  Wiggle, jiggle and giggle!!!  Sweat to the oldies, “ole skool” and to today’s hits.  No experience necessary.  This is a fun and safe class with all levels welcome.  Modifications are provided.  Exercises will include warm-up, flex, stretch, tone, core work and cardio.  Athletic support sneakers or cross trainers and gym attire recommended.  Bring beach towel or yoga mat.


Course #           8412     Thursday           NHS

5:15-6:10 PM    Starts 9/28/17    6 Classes

Cheryl Carpio                            Fee $79


Great cardio exercise.  Once you get moving you will not be able to stop!!!  If you took this series last time and missed a few classes, we will repeat a few dances but will have additional new dances to learn.  We will also talk about  Country Dance technique and dance floor etiquette.  Comfortable clothing and flat dance shoes recommended.

Course # 8452    Thursday  NHS

7:15-8:10 PM Starts 9/28/17    6 Classes

Cheryl Carpio                           Fee $79


Tap will give the student a basic understanding of tap sounds and rhythms combined with basic jazz movements to facilitate the sounds of the taps.  You will move through basic dance positions to begin to learn to balance and replace your weight.  Tap shoes and water needed for class.


Course #           8421     Thursday           NHS

7:15-8:10 PM    Starts 9/28/17    6 Classes

Cheryl Carpio                            Fee $79



Join this class to get fit, have fun, and relieve stress!  Increase your energy with this uplifting and upbeat class that provides three workouts in one.  This efficient and effective workout will include aerobics, toning exercises, and yoga stretching.  You will utilize the latest fitness principles to maximize calorie and fat burning, in addition to ways to increase the intensity of exercise.  All levels of fitness are welcome.  Low-impact, low-intensity exercises and modifications to exercises will be demonstrated.  Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.  Bring bottled water, an exercise or yoga mat, ad a pair of hand weights (3 lbs for beginners, 5 lbs+ for advanced).


Tues                                         RIS

4:30-5:30 PM                              12 Classes

Jill Patterson                             Fee $99


Session 1      Course #8237      Starts 10/17/17

Session 2      Course #8241      Starts 12/5/17

Session 3      Course #8243      Starts 1/23/18



Join this class to tone up and have fun!  Each class will include a warm-up, toning exercises utilizing hand held weights or the body’s own resistance and stretching.  This course will help you tone up and increase your metabolism by increasing muscle cells.  Participants should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.  Please bring bottled water, an exercise or yoga mat, and a pair of hand weights to each class (3 lbs for beginners and 5lbs+ for advanced).


Tuesday                                    TBD

3:15-4:15 PM                            6 Classes

Jill Patterson                             Fee $69


Session 1      Course #8430      Starts 10/19/17

Session 2      Course #8431      Starts 12/7/17

Session 3      Course #8432      Starts 1/25/18



Grab your sneakers and a water bottle for this fun outdoor class!  This class will include a combination of walking, interval training (optional), toning exercises utilizing the body’s own resistance, ab (without getting on the ground!) and core work and stretching.  All levels of fitness are welcome, as low-impact/low intensity and high impact/high intensity options will be available.  This course will keep you toned, increase your metabolism by increasing muscle cells, get outdoors and enjoy the autumn foliage, and have fun with others!

Tuesday                                    NHS

3:15-4:15 PM    Starts 8/29/17                6 Classes

Jill Patterson                             Fee $69



Created by Joseph Pilates as Controlology, this movement class works on creating our strongest balanced body to keep the spine flexible, the core strong and the mind focused.  Special attention is paid to form and proper alignment.  Seniors encouraged—all levels welcome.  Benefits include improved posture, strength, balance and ease of movement in daily living.  Wear flexible, comfortable clothing and bring an exercise mat and water bottle.  To register for this class or for more information, please contact Rosemary Larkin directly at (203) 417-6026 or


By Appointment

5 Personal Classes        Fee $215

10 Personal Classes      Fee $400

Location:  26 Brookwood Drive, Newtown



A personalized training session utilizing specially designed Pilates equipment, originally developed by Joseph Pilates, to enhance the alignment, flexibility and strength-building potential of your body with hundreds of exercises to build up to!  Special attention given to form and proper spinal alignment while building core strength.  Seniors encouraged—all levels welcome!  Wear flexible, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, socks with grips suggested.  To register for this class or for more information, please contact Rosemary Larkin directly at (203) 417-6026 or


By Appointment

Packages available for 1, 5 or 10 Sessions

Call for locations