Gifted Education 


What is Project Challenge?

     Project Challenge exists on three levels.  The program provides direct services for identified gifted students in grades 4-8.  The teachers of the gifted also offer enrichment opportunities for elementary students in third and fourth grade who exceed classroom expectations.  Additionally, Personalized Exploration/Genius Hour classes are available to all fourth grade students who have a high interest or passion area they would like to investigate.

Special Education Supervisor

Mrs. Maureen Hall

Teachers of the Gifted
Sherry Earle, PhD - Head O'Meadow School and Hawley School  Email
Mrs. Kate Magness - Sandy Hook School and Middle Gate School  Email
Mrs. Cheryl McCaffrey - Reed Intermediate School  Email
Mrs. Val Pagano-Hepburn - Newtown Middle School  Email
Mr. Eric Myhill - Head O'Meadow School and Middle Gate School Email

Information about the Project Challenge Teachers

Contact Information
Sandy Hook School (203) 426-7657
Middle Gate School (203) 426-7662
Hawley School (203) 426-7666
Head O'Meadow School (203) 426-7670
Reed Intermediate School (203) 270-4880
Newtown Middle School (203) 426-7638

Goal & Objectives
    Identified gifted students will receive differentiated instruction, both within the general classroom and outside of the classroom with a group of intellectual peers.  This instruction is designed to address students' unique academic and emotional abilities and needs.

Objectives of Project Challenge
  • To work at advanced academic and creative levels.
  • To improve communication skills.
  • To apply ideas effectively in order to become creative producers, not just consumers of knowledge.
  • To develop skills in problem solving, critical and creative thinking, and decision-making.
  • To build leadership skills and abilities.
  • To encourage an enthusiasm for learning that helps students develop as autonomous learners.