Youth Advisory Committees (Y.A.C.) 


Our primary customers are the students we serve.  It is important that we have a good rapport and open communication with our customers and an excellent means of doing that is the establishment of Y.A.C. (Youth Advisory Committee).  The purpose of Y.A.C. is to:

·        Promote good nutrition habits among our students.

·        Simulate interest and support for the foodservice program by students, teachers and parents.

·        Provide student assistance with foodservice promotions.

·        Encourage careers in foodservice.

·        Serve as a communication bridge between students, foodservice and school administration.

·        Make the foodservice program the best it can be.

·        Act as a sounding board for questions, praises and constructive criticism.

Y.A.C. committees are also a requirement set forth in the USDA program regulations.

Our goal is to have one Y.A.C. at the High School, Middle School, and Reed Intermediate School.  A Y.A.C. meeting consists of the student committee, teacher advisor, resident dietitian, foodservice director, and cafeteria manager of that particular school.  In the past, the student council/goverment has served as the Y.A.C.  If you are a 5th-12th grade student in Newtown and are interested in being involved on the Y.A.C. committee, please contact us.